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Enviro Containers is an IBC tank, steel and poly barrel reconditioning and recycling facility that has been operational since 2013. With hard work, dedication and great customer service, Enviro Containers has developed an excellent reputation as the preferred container recycler in Central Alberta. We pride ourselves on our customer service standards and ability to accommodate all customers. We understand the urgency of pickups and deliveries which allows our customers to operate efficiently.


Transport Canada has issued two federal Licenses for the facility mandating our transportation, reconditioning and disposal processes. Enviro Containers has taken initiative to become a recognized environmentally friendly company and leads the way in setting industry standards. We comply with approved and accepted safety and environmental standards, along with stringent procedures to ensure that any harmful residues in the containers are disposed of appropriately to minimize environmental impact. Enviro Containers is committed to reducing our environmental impact and carbon footprint, ensuring the safety of our employees, neighbours and future generations. We strongly believe in enriching lives, as well as the environment through sustainable packaging solutions. We are striving to meet business goals without compromising the environment for future generations.


Safety is our first priority, both the starting point and foundation for all aspects of our business operations. Safe transport and storage of products, safe operational practices and safe working conditions enable us to protect our employees, customers, suppliers and the environment. Operating a container reconditioning and recycling company requires a dedicated commitment to safety from every member of our team. Enviro Containers is proud of its safety record and we continue to place daily emphasis on our company-wide Safety, Health and Environmental policy so that safety remains paramount for everyone.





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