Enviro Containers supplies reconditioned steel and poly drums across Western Canada. We also have a collection and rebate system for our valued customers. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built with our customers and our company’s policy to go above and beyond.  It’s a role we relish with our stated commitment to decrease waste and operate a highly recyclable facility.

To recondition our steel and poly drums, we use hot water shot-blasting to clean any residue and provide sanitation. The steel drums are then coated with a fresh coat of paint in either black, blue or red. Our poly drums are available in white, blue or black. All Enviro Containers reconditioning services are safe and approved by Transport Canada Standards.

Not only does reconditioning extend the life cycle of the steel and poly drums without compromising their quality but, it also provides a cost-effective and complementary alternative to new packaging. It’s the perfect combination of economy and ecology. Reconditioned steel drums generate 39% less carbon dioxide per drum than brand new steel drums. Reconditioned poly containers generates 25% less carbon dioxide per container and 100% plastic consumption savings. 

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Enviro Containers distributes reconditioned and rebottled Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), also known as totes. The company provides incentives for returning customers and has implemented a credit system for IBCs that are returned and able to be reconditioned. These containers are thoroughly cleaned using hot water shot-blasting to ensure adequate sanitation for the next use.


Enviro Containers carries both 1000 L and 1200L IBCs and each individual IBC is fitted with top fill cap, discharge valves and a dust cap. All IBCs are safe, go through rigorous inspection and follow approved practices from Transport Canada. 

Through our reconditioning service, we can help extend the life cycle of IBCs without compromising their quality. The process saves more then 67% of carbon emissions per container and 36 lbs. of plastic.  Reconditioning of the IBCs can give you a truly cost-effective and complementary alternative to new packaging.

Enviro Containers will also accept IBCs that are at the end of the life cycle and will recycle and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner.  The programs implanted allow our company to take tremendous strides toward becoming greener and ensuring the preservation of the environment.

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